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Huge Membership

We have more Swingers in Washington than any other Swingers Contact website. We have thousands of local couples, single ladies and horny single guys waiting to meet someone like you.

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Ease of use

Our simple joining process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, one email to confirm your email address and you can start browsing the profiles of Washington Swingers members.

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Secure Messaging

Our messaging system is closed and seperate from your emails. Log into Swingers Washington with your username and password and read and reply to new swinging Friends.

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About Us

We started our Swingers Contact websites in 1996 helping swingers in the UK contact each other. Since then we have grown our membership and coverage until now in 2018 we have over 5 million members, with members in almost every (free) country in the world.

Unlike most swingers contact websites, Swingers in Washington is run by a genuine swinger - me, JoJo.

My husband and I build websites for a living and run swingers socials and swingers parties for fun.

We also spend three months every year travelling around Asia where we Scuba Dive and meet up with couples and singles and visit swingers clubs and parties wherever we find them.

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